First in World to Tokenize Maui with Fractional Real Estate | The Island Project

Posted On April 30, 2023

Christopher Greene, tech entrepreneur and blockchain expert is now the first in the world to successfully fractionalize real estate in Maui. This is a seismic accomplishment and first-mover innovation that will take the world by storm in the coming generation. Trillions of dollars of assets will be fractionalized and tokenized in the future. This includes […]

Leader in Fractional Real Estate Investing in Maui and Oahu

Posted On March 25, 2023

The Island Project is the leader in fractional real estate ownership in Maui and Oahu Hawaii. At the forefront of leading technology innovation, Christopher Greene, blockchain entrepreneur and media figure is the first to fractionalize real estate in Maui. A private portfolio Collection of Best-in-class Luxury properties of Beach, Ocean front and vacation-zoned properties are […]

Advantages of Tokenized Real Estate in Maui Hawaii

Posted On March 7, 2023

Tokenized real estate is a relatively new concept that has gained a lot of traction in recent years. It involves the use of blockchain technology to digitize real estate assets and represent them as tokens that can be bought, sold, and traded on a decentralized platform. This innovative approach offers several advantages over traditional real […]

Tokenized real estate – The Island Project

Posted On January 28, 2023

What is tokenized real estate? Tokenized real estate is the Number 1 emerging asset class in the World based on blockchain technology. The Island Project is at the forefront of this technology and the first to tokenize beach, oceanfront and vacation zoned property. Tokenize simply means that you are providing liquidity to an asset through […]

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