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THE ISLAND PROJECT is the first decentralized Island blockchain community ever built! Our private portfolio of exclusive Real Estate, Land, Luxury Homes, Condos and Master Retreats with our Flagship Project 1 located in beautiful Hawaii expanding worldwide!

The Island Project – Private Collection Portfolio 1000X !

Our portfolio is managed by Isle Chain Homes, LLC and is the first turnkey management company in the World that provides access to fractional and whole ownership of NFPs (non-fungible parcels) backed by a blockchain. This provides true ownership, liquidity, income, capital gains, tax advantages, use and enjoyment of property within a tokenized community.

Our Projects are limited in supply as to not dilute existing Members and The Island Project Flagship 1 has no bank debt. We are a True ownership community with scheduled Cashflow distributions, private concierge services and Bookings for our Members. This includes community benefits like 4×4 JEEP rentals and transportation services, private events at Master Retreats, air charter, sailboat yacht tours and potential 1,000X+ blockchain gains!

Our Master Retreats are fractionally owned Trophy assets with spa services, private meetups, vacation and lodging, pool service and lifestyle enhancements. We are also a blockchain incubator for entrepreneurs and Freedom oriented individuals.

We follow a code of conduct and general ethos to be FREE, autonomous and awesome. We are connected by The Island Project blockchain worldwide, an aggregate portfolio of the parent Blockchain Isle Chain (see launch Roadmap details) in what we believe to be the largest liquidity event of Tokenized real estate assets in history!

We are truly building the Digital Noah’s Ark along with you! 

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