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We have built a portfolio of Luxury Homes, Condos, Land and Master Retreats for the first project in Maui and Oahu.

All owners will have private Membership, receive the following benefits of ownership of The Island Project.

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Mission Statement– We believe fiat dollars are collapsing worldwide. Global inflation, geopolitical instability and new technology developments in blockchain make it more important than ever to build a parallel economy and ecosystem that benefits the small investor.

Our goal is to invest in the most prized real estate portfolio in the world specializing in exotic destinations and Island Project real estate. This includes the first-ever resource sharing community built on a blockchain that provides true ownership for our Members.

Your non-fungible parcels (NFPs) are real ownership of Island Project portfolio real estate and our companies Island Project Homes, LLC serves the wider network on your behalf. This is the first portable and tokenized real estate opportunity in the world.

Ethos– Stay free and build an alternative Isle Chain, Island Project network that serves our Members worldwide.

Portfolio Build– Our first Project is Flagship 1 Maui, Hawaii and Oahu. We have a strategic advantage of contacts, family history and local knowledge. All assets in the portfolio are owned outright, in cash or equivalents and has no bank debt or leverage. This is an important part of our ethos as we believe a large debt collapse is about to pummel the global economy.

We believe getting out of fiat currencies as quickly as possible is essential for survival and wealth preservation in the coming years. We also believe tokenized real estate is a massive opportunity for long term capital appreciation and outsized returns.

We are the first technology platform in the world to capitalize on this paradigm shift in the global economy. Our goal is to protect and grow Member equity in a decentralized network worldwide. This provides portability, true-ownership sovereignty, income, capital appreciation and exclusive use of the Island Project ecosystem.

Luxury Homes – Prized luxury Beach and Oceanfront homes, in or around resort zones located in Maui, Hawaii and our sister Island Oahu.

Condos – Private condos with commanding ocean views and amenities. Situated in both Maui and Oahu you have access to both locations. Vacation rentals commanding high income and cashflows for Members.

Land – A core portfolio asset is land in the most beautiful locations of Hawaii. This provides interesting opportunities for development, food production, resource sharing, cattle ranching and sustainable items like water and energy.

Master Retreats – Flagship properties that otherwise couldn’t be owned by a single individual. They provide community amenities, Private club access and events as well as long-term capital gains potential. They are anchors in the portfolio connecting the wider network.

Community Ecosystem – Instead of staying at a typical vacation rental, hotel or resort where you own nothing and it’s a one-time expense with no additional benefits, The Island Project provides true ownership of property, personalized booking & reservation systems and amenities at member discounts.

Additional Benefits

  1. Diversification – Instead of owning one home or condo why not own a portfolio of the most prized Multi-million dollar real estate in the world? What do you think will have a higher capital appreciation potential? An ordinary median single family home/condo or a diversified luxury portfolio of exclusive Beach and Oceanfront real estate?
  2. Risk management – Not only is it essential to get out of the dollar in our opinion and invest your cash in real property, our portfolio manages risk on your behalf over a broad base of assets. The Island Project team diversifies these type of risks and manages them for you.
  3. Access – With global shutdowns in recent years, where travel was prohibited in many Countries, a valuable lesson was learned. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The Island Project has diversified geolocation risk. In addition, as an owner of NFPs you have real ownership rights. You can’t be pushed around by third-party companies. This is an important distinction as many hotels and vacation rentals prohibited visitation and use of property rights during the pandemic. Our portfolio is protected from this risk and serves our Members privately and equitably.
  4. Ag land / Food production – What’s the value of owning a home or condo if the Grid goes down? What if there are more food shocks, supply chain disruptions, economic crisis or geopolitical instability? Wouldn’t it be nice to know you owned not just one single family home or condo but also actual real productive Farmland with resources and community infrastructure? Essentially, a network that connects all the property to an aggregate Homestead network serving Island Project members as an ultimate prepping tool.
  5. Portability of Real wealth – Our goal with our blockchain launch is to bring portability, sovereignty and decentralization to Island Project real estate portfolio. This means you hold your own keys represented on the blockchain, can move or live anywhere, offer liquidity, income and capital appreciation potential to real assets that you own and control.
  6. Blockchain incubator – We value our community Members and are an incubator for life long friendship, community building, technology development and business opportunities with a common vision.
  7. Other resources – Island Project blockchain will eventually hold some Gold and Silver in vaults worldwide for an additional hedge against inflation and economic collapse.

Long Term Vision

The long term vision of Island Project is to build the most valuable and distinct portfolio of prized real estate assets in the world! Our team, skilled management and community of like minds assures limitless possibilities. As blockchain technology takes over the world and disrupts all asset classes, The Island Project is positioned as a first mover in a multi-billion dollar industry of tokenized real estate assets.

Our goal is to reward early Members and serve as the proof of concept for a multi-trillion dollar market! Although we can’t promise anything, please read our terms and disclaimer, we have every intention to 1,000X



Real estate. A Blockchain launch. FREEDOM.

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Distinctive Amenities
  • Beach / Oceanfront homes
  • Luxury condos
  • Private Master Retreats
  • Upcountry Ag land
  • Private Club amenities
  • Isle chain blockchain rewards at public sale
  • 1,000X+ Possible gains!
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