An NFP is unique whole or fractional ownership in a piece of property, land, real estate, home or condo that cannot be diluted. It includes rights to the property such as enjoyment and use, tax advantages, income distributions and potential long term capital gains.

No, Island Project is not a timeshare. Island Project forms LLCs on your behalf to buy and sell property with fractional and/or whole ownership rights.

Timeshares are typically hard to sell, illiquid and sell the right to use only a fixed amount of time at a property with no real ownership advantages. Isle Chain Homes, LLC manages Island Project portfolio on your behalf and is a turnkey solution to property management and real estate ownership.

Fractional ownership is the number one opportunity in our opinion for long term property ownership and diversification. Our project portfolio is sold as a limited supply of NFPs with ownership to members in the Isle Chain network of Homes, Condos and Land. This includes fractional ownership of exclusive properties and Master retreats.

$30k is the minimum investment for our initial project launch Maui Flagship Project 1. We believe it’s a minimum threshold needed to best serve our members and to not dilute existing owners of NFPs. We may have different minimums in the future for different projects but this is not guaranteed.

Yes. With our unique NFP structure, after a vesting period detailed in our offering, you can sell any NFPs that you own. Island Project Homes, LLC will manage the transaction and sale of the property on your behalf seamlessly just like any other real estate.

No. Island Project has no bank debt or leverage and homes in our portfolio are paid for in cash or equivalents. This is a big part of our ethos, mission statement and accountability to members. Our goal is to hold premier, prized real estate free from encumbrances in our portfolio of assets.

Future project developments and construction may include seller carry-backs, blockchain financing for specific projects and land.

No, there is a limited supply of NFPs sold for Maui Flagship Project 1. For example, if there are 1000 NFPs sold for Project 1, then once 1,000 units are sold, that Founder’s round of funding window closes to new Members. This creates a limited supply and fixed demand for each project in our portfolio.

Isle Chain blockchain is a proprietary token that will be traded on public markets. It is the blockchain technology parent representing the underlying portfolio of Island Project portfolio assets. Our blockchain is not public yet and will be announced at a later date.

Our early bird Members receive first opportunity to Isle Chain token public sale at Founder’s pricing. This is determined by your Project type, number of NFPs owned and vesting schedule. Details of the token rewards program will be released soon. This incentivizes early buy in, funding and potential 1,000X+ rewards to our earliest members.

Most of our offerings are a minimum of 2-3yrs vesting. This incentivizes long term investment and project development to benefit our Members. The longer you vest typically the greater token reward for the Isle Chain blockchain public launch.

You can book Island Project homes and condos based on inventory under management in our project portfolio. This is based on availability, Project type and NFP ownership. Initial project availability may take up to 12-24 months from Project 1 launch in early development phase to completion of build out of our Roadmap.

Bookings and scheduling are managed by our concierge service for Island Project members. This includes stays at Homes, Condos and Master retreats as well as other services such as JEEP rentals, transportation, spa and fitness services and private events. The process is easy, equitable and based on membership of NFPs you own.

Yes, depending on inventory and availability of residences you can book at any location. For example, you can book an Oahu luxury condo based on membership, a luxury home in Maui or any other property location available. We have plans for homes and Flagships in other States and Countries.

No. Vacation rentals or timeshares provide no real ownership rights, income distributions, capital gains, tax advantages or blockchain tokenization. They are simply a short term vacation rental and lodging service with no additional value.

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